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Introducing 5Paisa Wealth

A professional portfolio advisory service designed exclusively for our valued clientele. In collaboration with renowned investment advisors and research analysts, we bring you a distinctive offering that redefines wealth management.

5paisa Wealth is your strategic ally for crafting a prosperous financial future. We understand that wealth management is more than just setting goals; it's about making informed decisions, investing wisely, and securing your financial path.

Why choose 5paisa Wealth?

Explore our curated smallcases, meticulously crafted by the esteemed research teams at Renaissance Smart Tech, Estee, Compounding Wealth Advisors, and Windmill Capital. These portfolios are based on unique strategies, providing opportunities to diversify your long-term equity holdings.

  • Unique

    Benefit from the expertise of leading investment advisors and research analysis delivering innovative equity strategies

  • Professionally

    Enjoy professionally managed portfolio exposures ensuring that you have access to cutting-edge investment opportunities

  • Control &

    Enjoy the convenience of monitoring your investments in real-time while investing in a user-friendly interface powered by smallcase

  • Pricing

    Each portfolio has a transparent fee structure that aligns with your investment goals.

Popular Portfolios

5paisa Wealth Managers

Wealth Managers

Pankaj Murarka

Reniassance Smart Tech

Pankaj Murarka is the Director of Renaissance Smart Tech Pvt. Ltd. and has a track record of over 25 years in Equity Research & Fund Management over his professional career. In his last role, Pankaj was associated with Axis Mutual Fund as the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) managing over $5bn in Indian Equities. He was part of the team that set up Axis Mutual Fund in 2009 & over the years built it into one of the leading AMC in India on back of excellent investment performance.

Rakesh Pujara

Compounding Wealth Advisors

Rakesh, with over 25 years of experience in Indian equity markets, holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Mumbai University (1992) and completed ICWA in 1996. Starting in finance roles across diamond, exports, and media industries, he joined Shree Naman Securities & Finance in 1999, establishing and growing the proprietary trading desk. As CEO at Naman in 2013, Rakesh founded the algo trading desk, a major revenue contributor. His passion for market behavior led to the creation of Viz. Compounding Wealth Advisors LLP in 2013, a SEBI registered Investment Advisor focused on generating risk-adjusted returns using trend-following and non-correlated trading systems.

Wealth Managers
Wealth Managers

Naveen KR

Windmill Capital

Naveen has over 13 years in finance. he began his career at Thomson Reuters, building quantitative models for investment banking. Naveen excels in researching investment opportunities across diverse sectors of the Indian public equity market. He is adept in creating thematic and fundamental portfolios. Naveen is a MBA from NUS Singapore. Windmill Capital, aspires to be the go-to destination for retail investors' diverse investment needs. Managing a portfolio of over 50 strategies, from high-volatility equities to low-volatility asset allocations, the firm employs data, fundamental analysis, and mathematical models for a cautious yet ambitious approach. Analysts play a critical role, stepping in when needed to provide expertise and prevent potential pitfalls, as seen in their successful avoidance of wealth-destructive investments like Yes Bank and Manpasand Beverages.

Sandeep Tyagi & Vivek Sharma

Estee Advisors Pvt. Ltd

Estee Advisors Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading names in the quant-based investment management and execution service provider. It was founded by Mr. Sandeep Tyagi in May 2008, when SEBI Permitted Algotrading in India. The firm has a strong track record in the Indian capital market with two major awards 'Best Performing NSE IFSC Member' and ‘Best Institutional Member for NSE' from NSE. It operates on all Indian major exchanges including NSE, BSE, and MCX-SX. The company offers quant-based alternative investment products in Indian equity and futures markets, using a well-defined analytics process undertaken by highly qualified finance and computer science professionals.

Wealth Managers

Steps to Invest

  • 01

    Login with your 5paisa account
  • 02

    Enter email address, select a plan, add billing information and subscribe
  • 03

    Once subscribed, you can invest in the portfolio
  • 04

    Start SIP, top up whenever required and rebalance the portfolio
  • 05

    Explore new portfolios to invest

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a professional portfolio advisory service for you. This offering from leading investment advisors and analysts with proven track records is offered as smallcases. All 5paisa users can invest in these portfolios.

No, there is no min. net-worth requirement for 5paisa Wealth.

5paisa Wealth is curated by renowned managers who levy fees for their research called as Subscription Fees. Subscription fees enable you to view the stocks in the portfolio before investing in it. Each manager has a different fee attached to the portfolio for curating them. Charges are decided by them and vary from portfolio to portfolio. A transaction fee of ₹100 (capped at 1.5% of the investment amount) will be applied when you invest a lumpsum amount( first buy and invest more orders ) to your new or existing portfolio.

With these portfolios, you will be receiving stocks in your demat account similar to buying and selling stocks on the exchange. Hence, the gains you earn from it incur capital gains tax. The tax rate for short-term capital gains (STCG) is 15% if you sell the shares within 12 months of purchase. On the other hand, long-term capital gains (LTCG) incur a 10% tax when an investor sells their shares after 12 months of purchase, with a deduction of Rs. 1 lakh.

You can track the following metrics for each one of your smallcase baskets from your investments:

  • Money Put In is the total amount invested since you started investing
  • Total Returns is the sum of realized & current returns and shows how much profit/loss you have made to date
  • Current Returns are the current profits/losses you will realize if you exit today
  • Realized Returns represent the total profit/loss that you have already booked
  • Current Investment is the sum of investment into each of the stocks
  • Current Value is the amount you will get if you decide to exit today, it is the sum of Current Investment and Current Returns

Each portfolio is reviewed by the manager and they suggest addition and/or removal of stocks to ensure the portfolio is up-to-date. This process is called rebalancing. If you skip or customize the update, your portfolio may no longer follow the original idea and may thereby impact your returns. If your SIP is active, it may also be affected.