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IconOrder Request API's

Modify or cancel existing orders types like Regular Order, Stoploss Order, Bracket Order, Cover Order etc. through API.

IconTrade Information API's

Get to know all the details for your trade through our wide range of APIs like Order book , Trade Book, Trade history, Order Status, Net Position etc.


Push Notification through Websocket for order updates such as Order Placement, Order Modification, Order Completion etc. We also provide Market Feed, Market Depth, Open Interest Data through websocket.

IconBasket Order

Place multiple orders & strategies at the same time. While creating a basket, all you need to do is create collective orders in a basket and execute them in a single click and use them anytime in the future.

IconVTT Orders

Set a trigger price- whenever your trigger price is hit on same day or at a future date, a (limit/market) order will be placed on the exchange as per the limit price set by you. These orders will be active until triggered.

IconMarket Feed

Access realtime and accurate OHLC data for stock prices

IconMarket Depth API

Get Market Depth details up to level 5 and Depth upto 20 through websocket

IconMarket Snapshot

Fetch essential stock information including- 52 Week High/Low, Market Cap, OI etc.

IconOption Chain

Get Realtime Option Chain Data like Strike Price , Open Interest for given symbol and expiry.

IconHistorical Data

Retrieve Historical Price OHLC and OI data for Multiple time frames such as 1m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 30m, 60m, 1d etc.


Get details of all your holdings with a single command


View entire list of Open Positions in one glance


Fetch details of margin available in your trading account

IconStatement API

Easily access your transaction statement

IconHistorical Data

Get Historical Multi TimeFrame OHLC and volume data

Available Languages

  • Programming language
  • Programming language
  • Programming language
  • Programming language


  • Market APIMarket API

    The Market Data is a mix of Restful API and streaming. It provides feed which helps in building a real time stock market platform. It is a robust platform providing real time feed with low latency and low bandwidth usage.

  • Trading APITrading API

    The Symphony Trading API gateway is meant for transaction handling and it will suffice all your order placement needs. API specifications are based on rest protocol and currently provides for translation of JSON message only.

Custom Plan for HFT Traders

If you are a high frequency trader, we have custom-made plans for you. Get special support, differential pricing and help with connectivity and suitable infrastructure.

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Developer APIs are a set of REST APIs which gives you open access to get live market prices, execute orders in real time and manage your orders, positions and many more additional tools to ease your trading journey.

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