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BANK Nifty

  • cur
  • 52265.6
  • -355.1
  • -0.7%
  • High
  • 52586.75
  • Low
  • 52146.3
  • ODay Open
  • 52531.55
  • CPrevious Close
  • 52620.7
  • P/E
  • 15.95


  • cur
  • 24530.9
  • -269.9
  • -1.1%
  • High
  • 24854.8
  • Low
  • 24508.15
  • ODay Open
  • 24853.8
  • CPrevious Close
  • 24800.85
  • P/E
  • 23.31


  • cur
  • 80604.65
  • -738.8
  • -0.9%
  • High
  • 81587.76
  • Low
  • 80499.1
  • ODay Open
  • 81585.06
  • CPrevious Close
  • 81343.46
  • P/E
  • 24.47

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Features of our Stock Trading Platform

Stock SIP

Navigate the unpredictable market by adopting a disciplined investment strategy. Buy stocks (amount/quantity based), periodically (weekly, monthly, etc.) in a systematic manner.


Invest in ETFs using the 5paisa platform. Similar to a mutual fund scheme, this is created to track and mirror the performance of stock market indices such as Sensex, NIFTY 50, NIFTY Bank, NIFTY Next 50 etc. 


Avail Margin Funding, wherein you just pay the fraction amount and balance amount is funded by 5paisa An Interest rate of 0.045% per day is charged on the borrowed amount.


Apart from Regular IPOs, apply in SME IPOs using UPI, wherein funds get blocked in your bank account but not debited until allotment. If shares don’t get allotted, the funds get unblocked.

Portfolio Analytics

 View your Portfolio’s current & historical NAV, also benchmark it against Nifty & Sensex. Get other insights such as Decision Analysis, Concentration Analysis, Rolling returns, Valuation trend, Growth trend etc.

Advanced Charts

Experience realtime streaming & advanced Charting analysis on our platforms with 150+ technical indicators, 10+ Chart types across Intraday & historical data. 

Detailed Research

Get information like Key Ratios, Income Statement, Balance sheet, Price Analysis, EPS & Sales Estimate, Star Investors, Shareholding pattern, etc. using 200+ data points. Perform Technical Analysis using Pivot Points, Moving Averages and technical indicators like RSI,MACD, ATR, Beta Price etc.


Use trading ideas shared by our in-house experts across multiple segments i.e. Equity, F&O, Currency and commodity with ~70% accuracy.

Our Partners

Invest in US markets with curated portfolios and zero commission


Build a diversified, low cost and long term portfolio


Manage your trades without coding, on the go


Create and analyze your own trades and strategies


Tavaga's algorithms manage the investments using ETFs, & help investors reach their goals


Automatically import trades, calculate Profit-Loss, and pay taxes on time


Investment advisory portfolio for investors


Bring institutional-grade investment products to everyday investors


Investment advisory portfolio for investors


Investment advisory portfolio for investors


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is stock trading and how does it work? 

Stock trading refers to the buying and selling of shares in a particular company. If you own a stock it means that you own a piece of the company. The stocks issued by companies can be traded in the secondary market once it is listed on the stock exchanges. The process of buying and selling of stocks is done by the brokers. Different stock brokers buy/sell stocks in the exchange on behalf of the investor. Once the broker passes buy order to the exchange, the stock exchange searches for a sell order for the same share. Once a seller and a buyer are found and fixed, a price is agreed to finalize the transaction.

What are the types of stock trading in India? 

Types of trading in India are Intraday, Delivery, Short Sell, Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST), Sell Today Buy Tomorrow (STBT), and Margin Trading.

How to start share trading with 5paisa? 

To start trading with 5paisa, login/register on 5paisa mobile trading app or open an account via website.

What are the charges levied on stock trading at 5paisa? 

5paisa does not charge any brokerage, all we charge is a flat fee of Rs.20 per order. For more details visit our Charges page

What are the major stock exchanges in India? 

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) are the major exchanges in India where most of the stock trading takes place.

What are the equity trading holidays for NSE & BSE?  

Check our Holiday Calendar & a list of equity trading holidays for 2023 for NSE & BSE.

What are the trading hours for stock trading?  

The exchanges function from Monday to Friday. The stock market operating time in India are as follows:

  • Pre-opening session - 9.00 a.m. – 9.15 a.m
  • Trading session - 9.15 a.m. – 3.30 p.m
  • Closing session - 3.30 p.m. – 4.00 p.m

What are the trading platforms with 5paisa? 

5paisa offer different trading platforms to ease your stock trading journey - 

What are the types of accounts required for stock trading? 

You usually require a Demat and a Trading account to go ahead with online stock trading but when it comes to 5paisa, you have an all-in-one account. So with 5paisa account, you can avoid the hassle of opening and maintaining multiple accounts.