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Easyoptions: If you want to take small option trades with limited risks, this is for you. Guess if the market will go up or down, and we will give you the best Option trade for your guess. No matter what happens in markets, your losses won’t exceed a pre-defined number. Good profits, small losses, complete peace of mind. Try Easyoptions here


Virtual trading: Learn and practice trading without using real money. Take your first Virtual trade here


Expert Advice: Looking for a good advisor? We track every trade by India's leading trading experts and show you their performance transparently. You can follow them and get real-time trade recommendations on Whatsapp and Mobile. Want to find out who India's best advisors are? See the leaderboard here


Strategies Wizard: If Nifty moves up 3% in 2 weeks, what is the best option trade to do? Buy call? Sell put? Spread? Strategy Wizard gives you the most optimized Option Strategy for your trading predictions. Try Strategy Wizard here


Build and Analyse Option Trades: Let us say you have some option trades. Do you know how much your P and L will be when the market goes up or down? Analyse that with Strategy Builder. What is more, you can find some sensible Option Strategies, and build strategies on your own with this tool. Try it here


Pro Tools to guess market direction: Option Chain, Open Interest Analysis, FII DII Data, Screener, and a lot more. See all tools here