Top Gainers NSE

Top Gainers NSE are stocks that tend to close at higher price than they opened at/their prior close price in intraday market. Take quick look at top gainers on NSE.

In intraday market, gainers are stocks that conclude at higher price than previous closing price. If they are part of any index, market indices will increase. On other hand, likelihood of more winners than losers are higher when market indices are rising.

List of Top Gainers on NSE

Company Name LTP GAIN(%) Day's Low Day's High Days Volume
Infosys 1792.95 2.0 % 1786.45 1844.00 29819116 Trade
ITC 474.55 0.9 % 469.40 479.40 24977373 Trade
Asian Paints 2946.05 0.5 % 2917.25 2980.00 2164746 Trade
Britannia Inds. 5877.95 0.1 % 5846.65 5978.00 451294 Trade
LTIMindtree 5762.75 0.1 % 5732.30 5879.15 961356 Trade

What are NSE Gainers?

Top Gainers in NSE refer to stocks or equities that have experienced largest increases in their prices over specific period. This could be in day, week, month, 3 months, 6 months, or year1. These stocks are often highlighted because they indicate potential investment gains or market upswings2. list of top gainers can be found on various financial platforms & is updated regularly to reflect live market conditions1345. It’s valuable resource for investors to understand market trends & make informed investment decisions. Please note that investing in stock market always carries risk & it’s important to do thorough research before making any investment decisions.

How are the top gainers in NSE determined?

You can monitor price movement on securities listed under National Stock Exchange for any fixed time period. most popular time interval for determining NSE gainers & losers is on daily basis. current market price of security is compared to previous closing price of security. This value is shared in percentage. general formula that can be used for calculating gains is:

                           Current Market Price (CMP) - Previous Closing Price
 NSE Gains = ------------------------------------------------------------------------- x 100
                                                 Previous Closing Price

NSE gainers with highest percentage will be at top of NSE top gainers list. higher up security is on list, more gains it has achieved on that day.

NIFTY Gainers: The famous NIFTY 50 are stock market giants that set benchmarks for Indian stock market index. NIFTY 50 is weighted average of India's top 50 companies listed under NSE. This is why NIFTY Gainers have huge impact on NSE index.


Factors Influencing Top Gainers in NSE

There are several factors that influence Top Gainers in NSE:

Economic Indicators: Broader economic indicators such as GDP growth, inflation rates, & unemployment figures play crucial role1. Positive economic news can boost investor sentiment across market, leading to widespread gains.

Company Performance: financial health & performance of company significantly impact its stock price. Companies with strong earnings reports or positive news often see their stock prices rise.

Market Sentiment: overall mood or sentiment of investors can drive prices of stocks up or down. Positive sentiment often leads to increased buying, which can result in stock becoming top gainer.

Trading Volume: Stocks with high trading volumes can often become top gainers. High trading volume indicates high level of interest in stock, which can drive up its price.

News & Events: Any news or events related to company or its industry can have significant impact on its stock price. This can include product launches, mergers & acquisitions, changes in management, etc.

It’s important to note that stock market is influenced by complex interplay of these & many other factors, & predicting top gainers can be challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to invest in Top Gainers NSE? 

Investing in top NSE gainers is good, as Top Gainers list is updated daily & allows investors to analyse & compare share performance & trends over time. It acts as sound indicator for forecasting future trends. Conduct thorough research to invest in top gainers in NSE today.

How do you trade Top Gainers NSE stocks with 5Paisa? 

5Paisa allows you to purchase top gainer's stock vi their fast & easy application & website. All you have to do is open 5 Paisa Demat account & go to top gainer shares page. Choose share you want to invest in & enter amount to pay. You can also observe NSE gainers today list for better understanding.

What strategies can I use for trading Top Gainers NSE? 

There are several strategies you can use for trading Top Gainers in NSE:

Live Trading Strategies: NSE India, in collaboration with Trading Campus, offers joint certified programme on “Live Trading Strategies”. This programme provides practical training on real-time markets & helps develop domain knowledge in Equity analysis, Technical Analysis & Algorithmic Trading.

Focus on High Volume Stocks: Stocks with high trading volumes often become top gainers. You can create strategies to focus on these stocks for intraday trading.

Monitor Market Movements: list of top gainers offers snapshot of market movements & potential stock picks. You can use this list to identify short-term opportunities or long-term investments.

Keep Eye on Top Gainers & Losers: Keeping close eye on NSE Top Gainers & Losers can help shape your investment strategies. These lists offer valuable insights & opportunities, helping you make informed decisions.

Where can I find information about top gainers on NSE? 

You can get information about top gainers of NSE on website of NSE as well as here on page of 5 paisa capital.

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