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Invest like the ultra-rich do!

Stratzy makes you “Invest like the ultra-rich do!’, that too hassle-free and in just 3 steps.

We are the active investing help that you need. Stratzy lets you connect with your 5Paisa accounts and then invest in ideas and strategies to bring institutional-grade investment products to everyday investors.

Strazy lets you invest in modern investment products without any additional cost! We are your strategic help to find the next big opportunities in the stock markets. 



Ideas: Various recommended stocks with power of quantitative model and our own research team

Strategies: Suggest a basket of stocks to create a portfolio for you maximizing your returns while minimising the risk

About Ideas: Ideas are simplified reasoning into why buying a particular stock makes sense. We send notifications when it’s a good time to enter and exit or when your portfolio is up for a rebalance. Once you close an Idea, profits are credited to your broker account. You can withdraw from your 5paisa account. There are 3 types of Ideas Short term Ideas (1-3 months) Mid term ideas (3-9 months) Long term ideas (9-24 months)

About Strategies: Strategies are historically battle-tested portfolios that rebalance(update) every month/week. We have an in-house research and investment team which works on providing these insights. Rebalancing is done on a regular basis. It could be weekly or monthly as per their respective manner. It will always be your choice to enter or hold off your current positions.