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Save. Invest. Maximise.

Tavaga is a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) that crafts a precise investment portfolio customised to the needs of an investor. Tavaga’s algorithms automatically manage the investments using ETFs, and help investors reach their goals on time.


Algorithm Based Advice

Unbiased advice diversified into domestic and international equity, debt, and gold. Tailored advice depending on investor’s risk profile and financial goals

Customized Advice

Customised advice on portfolio of stocks, mutual funds, bonds, commodities, etc.

Automatic & Transparent

Glide path investing ensuring rebalancing to adjust for market fluctuations and goal tenure


Features With 5Paisa

Tavaga’s partnership with 5paisa will ensure that investors experience advice to execution seamlessly. Through the 5Paisa-Tavaga partnership, both companies intend to bring more consumers into the investing universe who had, till now, explored only the traditional methods of investing.