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Discover the best stock market course that can help you take the next step in your financial career. Here at FinSchool by 5Paisa, we will teach you everything that you need to learn stock market.
Let’s take a quick look at all the stock trading courses in India that you can learn here:

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Stock Market Basics
Stock Market Training For Beginners Online
2:30 Hours 9 Chs

Popular jargon like SENSEX, NIFTY, Short Selling, MCap, IPO, etc., has quite a difficult concept. But if you can relate to the practical examples, they are actually very easy to understand. This share market course is ideal for beginners looking forward to investing in stock markets.

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Mutual Fund
Mutual Fund Course: Free Mutual Fund Course Online
2:45 Hours 10 Chs

These stock trading courses cover some popular jargon, such as Equity Funds, NFO, NAV, Debt Fund, Beta, Alpha, etc. It primarily focuses on practical examples, so novice investors and those from non-finance backgrounds are highly benefited.

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Currency Basic Course
Currency Derivatives Course: Learn Currency derivatives Online
1:30 Hours 6 Chs

This stock market beginner course of currency market covers all jargon like Appreciation/Depreciation, Currency Pair, Cross Rates, Two Way Quotes, etc.

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fundamental analysis
Fundamental Analysis Course: Learn Fundamental Analysis Online
3:15 Hours 14 Chs

This exquisitely designed stock market beginner course is primarily intended for learners to gain clear insights into essential market technologies and concepts. Further, the participants will also learn the techniques of applying the concepts to stock investing.

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Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis Course: Learn Technical Analysis Online
2:45 Hours 11 Chs

If you are an active business channel follower, you might have encountered the terms Resistance and Support. Retracement, etc. This free stock market course online will help you understand all the concepts related to technical analysis.

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Equity Derivatives Course: Learn Equity Derivatives Online
2:30 Hours 10 Chs

This stock market course online with a certificate is exquisitely designed for learners to have better insights into equities and derivative investment methods. Besides, it enables you to enhance your knowledge in hedging, trading, and various other arbitrage opportunities. Also, if you are willing to learn the complexity of derivatives, this stock market course online, free with a certificate, is ideal.

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Advance Equity Derivatives Course Online
2:15 Hours 9 Chs

You can learn this stock market course online for free with a certificate in India and learn the concepts of various derivatives. These include Futures, Options, Swaps, etc. Here, you’ll also learn how to differentiate otherwise complex concepts.

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Advanced Stock Market Courses Online With Certificate
2:15 Hours 9 Chs

This advanced stock trading course enables you to understand equities in debt. Thus you’ll be able to understand all the valid investment methods that can be used.

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Advance Mutual Fund Course Online With Certificate
3:30 Hours 14 Chs

You can learn these share market courses to gain extensive knowledge on mutual funds and master it eventually. You’ll particularly learn the ways of investing in and using mutual funds.

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Advance Fundamental Analysis Course With Certificate
3:00 Hours 12 Chs

This share market course gives you valuable insights into how income statements and balance sheets fit together. Besides, the course covers industry, macroeconomics, sector analyses, qualitative elements, etc.

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Advanced Technical Analysis Course With Certificate
2:00 Hrs 8 Chs

You can learn this stock market course to familiarise yourself with various methods and tools for analysing debt. You’ll also learn to identify the perfect indicators to analyse the chart patterns and how to use resistance and support.

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Commodity Trading Course: Free Commodity Market Course Online
2:30 Hours 14 Chs

Commodity Trading course provides insights on types, ways to invest & benefits of investing in commodities. Enroll for commodities market course at finschool.

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Stock Market Basics
Complete Stock Market Operations Course Online
2:30 Hours 7 Chs

Stock market operations course offers in-depth knowledge and skills essential for understanding various aspects of stock market activities. Enroll now at finschool.

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Stock Market Basics
Insurance : Learn How To Select The Right Insurance Policy​
2:30 Hours 11 Chs

Know More about Popular jargon like Premium, Deductibles, Policy Limits, Exclusions, Riders, etc., which are quite difficult to understand. But if you can relate to the practical examples, they are actually very easy to understand. This is where this insurance course is ideal for beginners looking forward to buying an insurance policy.

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What Are Online Stock Trading Courses?

Online stock trading courses are educational programs which are going to help you learn how to buy and sell stocks. These courses help in building a broader understanding on the topics such as basics of stock trading, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, risk management and help you learn the tricks to grow your wealth. Online stock trading courses can be a great way to learn the basics of stock trading and develop the skills you need to be successful.

Why choose Finschool by 5paisa to Learn Stock Market Trading Courses?

Finschool by 5paisa has a wide range of content which ranges from basics of stock market to the in-depth concepts used in stock markets which will help you sail thru your financial journey. Still, Confused? Let's give you a few fascinatingly facts about Finschool. You get access to a stacks of free share market courses. The content is available in multiple engaging formats including text, infographics, videos and quizzes.

What is Stock Market & Wht it is important to learn about Stock Market?

The stock market is a marketplace where individuals can buy and sell shares in companies. When you buy a stock, you are essentially purchasing a small piece in the company. If the company does well, the price of your stock will go up. If the company does poorly, the price of your stock will go down. Many of the few reasons on why is it important to learn about stock market is to grow your wealth, to build financial security for yourself & to participate in the economy.

What are basic skill or experience required to opt for stock market trading course?

There are no specific skills or experience required to opt for a stock market trading course. However, there are some basic concepts that you should be familiar with before taking a course. The only skill one needs is the willingness to learn new things. Apart from this having a basic knowledge about the basics of finance, basics of trading and the basics of psychology can help you a lot. In case you are not familiar with these concepts, you need not worry , you can simply use the Finschool by 5paisa to understand these concepts.

How long does it take to complete this stock market course?

The amount of time it takes to complete a stock market course depends on the course and your learning style. Some courses can be completed in hardly few days, while others may take a few weeks. If you are a visual learner, you may choose a course with video lectures. If you prefer to learn by reading, you may choose a course with text-based lessons. And if you want to learn by doing, you may choose a course with practice exercises.

Will I have lifetime access to the free stock market course and is 5paisa stock market courses online free for all learners?

Finschool is an open source free to learn platform. The access to the platform is lifetime and all out free courses can be accessed by all the users for free. Finschool is dedicated toward building a knowledge-based community of stock market traders. With this vision to empower the new gen investors with the knowledge of investing & trading 5paisa has built Finschool.